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Employee Engagement Surveys

Today many organizational assessments are labeled employee engagement surveys. To some this term is synonymous with employee satisfaction. But it is not.

Employee engagement goes beyond feelings of satisfaction. It deals with employees’ active involvement in the organization in such ways as:

  • Being passionate about the business and their job
  • Taking an active role in improving the organization and the job they do
  • Committing to going above and beyond what is expected by the organization

Our employee engagement surveys not only measure attitudes and feelings, but how employees act and behave within the organization. They serve as a basis for improving employee engagement and ultimately improving organizational effectiveness.

Our services include:

  • Design, administration and reporting of employee engagement surveys
  • Action plan for using the results to improve employee engagement
  • Consultation on integrating the survey into a strategic change management strategy

Call us today to learn how our Employee Engagement Survey service can help you create a more engaged workforce.