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Employee Exit Interviews

Not all employee exit interview processes are the same. Some are designed to provide detailed information to managers and supervisors as individual employees leave the organization. This is more of a continuous process that provides regular direct feedback to the local management team on reasons why individual employees leave. Unfortunately, little understanding of common drivers and trend analysis are captured.

Other employee exit interview processes are retrospective. That is, a one-shot research study is conducted on a recent cohort of employees who have left the company to gain a better understanding of their reasons for leaving. This is usually done to identify common turnover drivers and identify differences among employee groups.

An exit interview process that serves multiple stakeholders is another choice. This blends the above approaches by providing local management with continuous information on each leaving employee, but also provides leadership with key drivers and turnover trends to better manage and improve your employee retention strategy.

We have the capability to:

  • Design exit interview content
  • Conduct exit interviews or surveys
  • Analyze interview and survey data
  • Provide recommendations for the development of a total retention strategy
  • Integrate into your total talent management strategy

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