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New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees into the workplace is the first step toward creating a productive and motivated workforce. Those first impressions that employees make about their new employer, supervisor and colleagues will create the lens by which they view the next few weeks and months. Experiences that reaffirm the new hire’s employment decision are critical for establishing a solid employee-employer relationship. If that impression is not favorable, it may limit their desire to assimilate into the organization. This can create early turnover problems or long term disengagement from the organization’s mission.

We can help you improve your new employee onboarding process to create an experience that is both efficient and employee-centered. Key elements in this effort include reviewing:

  • New hire training and orientation/socialization programs
  • Installing on-boarding technology solutions
  • Onboarding key performance metrics
  • Integrating new hire employment processes
  • Tracking and reporting of new hires
  • Providing clear goals and expectations to new employees
  • Assigning coaches and mentors

Our new employee onboarding consulting consists of diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of your current process and offering advice and counsel on installing procedures for improvement. Moreover, if applicable, we can build those solutions for implementation.

Call us today to improve your new employee onboarding process.