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Employee Relations Consulting

Our employee relations consulting is designed to build stronger employee-management relations in your organization. A large part of it is building trust between the two camps. Oftentimes this requires an outside third party who can facilitate the discussions.

We take the approach that to accomplish good relations requires the working together on real, meaningful projects where trust can be established. This experience is used as the foundation for ultimately creating an environment where your employees can freely express their views to management and one where disputes can be handled in a fair and consistent manner.

We have significant expertise in labor-management projects within heavily unionized organizations that further the development of a healthy employee relations climate. This knowledge and experience is easily transferred to non-unionized workplaces, too.

Examples of employee relations consulting projects include:

  • Improving workforce health and safety
  • Improving the customer focus of front line and back office workers
  • Business process quality improvement initiatives

Overall, our employee relations consulting services can help you build and sustain a dedicated and engaged workforce and improve the relationship between your organization and your union representatives.

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