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Employee Retention Audits

Our employee retention audits are based on our holistic and structured diagnostic methodology. They are designed to be quick, efficient and action-oriented. First we review existing data, such as exit interviews, policies, and key performance metrics. We augment this with on-site interviews with newly hired employees, long-term employees, trainers, supervisors, and managers. We devote time to understanding the HR processes that impact turnover. These include recruiting, on-boarding, training, supervising and rewarding practices.

We observe the high turnover jobs, looking for the challenges, frustrations, and design issues. We also watch both your formal and informal operations. All of this gives us a good understanding of your culture, the way business gets accomplished, and its impact on talent retention.

Sample outcomes of such an audit may include:

  • Low risk-of-turnover employee selection
  • Employee and candidate communications
  • New employee engagement programs
  • Supervisory training programs
  • At-risk employee identification
  • Retention culture building
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Exit interviews and feedback processes

We provide clarity to the multiple pathways of achieving better retention of talented employees, many of which can be easily implemented by your organization, without further assistance.

Call us today to learn how an Employee Retention Audit can help you improve your talent retention results.