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Employee Selection & Employee Assessment

Employee selection processes are a critical component of any talent acquisition strategy. Using valid employee selection instruments is a vital part of establishing a sound hiring process. Whether it is the issue of initially screening out a large number of unqualified applicants or deciding on who is the best fit out of a handful of final candidates, employee assessments play an important role. The major issue is how to assess the critical competencies that impact the quality of the hiring decision and balancing this with the issues of budget, time and exposure to employment discrimination claims.

Pragmatic HR Consulting can help you develop employee assessment solutions that measure job related qualities in a cost effective and time sensitive manner. This is truly the integration of the art and science of employee assessment. We also are able to develop and validate custom assessment solutions that best fit your needs.

The employee assessments we use range from interviews, hard and soft skill tests, and work attitude and job simulation assessments.


Our services include:

  • Designing the best assessment solutions for targeted and broad-based hiring needs
  • Validating assessments to demonstrate their utility and guard against employment discrimination complaints
  • Developing proprietary assessment instruments for client’s sole use
  • Providing web-based employee assessment solutions to increase efficiency

We can perform these services for any and all positions in your organization including:

  • Customer sales and service
  • Light industrial, manufacturing and assembly
  • Office and administrative
  • Warehouse and logistics
  • Supervisory
  • Technical and professional

All of our employee selection and employee assessment services are conducted in compliance with professional governmental technical standards.

Call us today to improve your employee selection & assessment process.