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Succession Planning Process

Building an effective succession planning process is more than just filling in boxes on an organizational chart of who is going to replace whom. It is more about creating the continuous pipeline of people who may one day run the organization. It focuses on:

  • The current and future core competencies of the organization’s leaders
  • The current level of talent in the organization
  • How best to achieve creating the leadership bench strength.

Our focus here is helping you develop and implement plans to create the next generation of leaders.

Performance Management is another aspect of succession planning. Here we can help you establish the criteria by which leaders are evaluated and establish a process for these evaluations become an integral piece of the total talent management process.

The components of a world class succession planning process are:

  • Linking business planning with leadership planning
  • Creating a future desired state leadership competency model
  • Identifying current leader profiles against this model
  • Identifying high potentials and their development processes
  • Installing technology to manage the process
  • Establishing continuous flow of information channels and feedback loops

An effective succession planning process is one that is fully integrated into an organization’s total talent management strategy.

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