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Talent Acquisition Strategies

Talent acquisition strategy at all levels in the organization is critical. Many downstream people issues can be alleviated if more attention is paid to creating the right recruitment and selection strategy. Moreover, in this world of high-tech recruiting solutions, job candidates and new employees still expect a high touch aspect to the employment process. Blending the two is part of the art and science of creating a highly effective hiring process.

A successful talent acquisition strategy generally entails doing three things right:

  • Creating a sufficient size pool of quality candidates so that the organization has a good number of quality candidates from which to select a finalist.
  • Use job-related screening and assessment instruments to better screen out unqualified candidates and top grade the short list. This is especially important when needing to evaluate ‘hard to interview’ candidate qualities.
  • Creating a memorable recruiting and onboarding experience so that candidates and new employees receive a positive image of your employment brand.

An effective talent acquisition process is the first step toward fulfillment of a total talent management strategy.

Our talent acquisition solutions include:

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